Treatment of Vasculer Lesions (Shcylero thrapy, Krio thrapy, Laser)

Reason of Application:

Telangiectasia, which are the expanded vessels that can not be seen normally, are inborn or formed during life vascular mass (hemamjion), genetic inborn stains and problems that bother patients aesthetically.

Operation Method:

Telangiectasia is usually accompanied with varicose on the legs. Thus, the patients situation is evaluated by a vein surgeon and physician before the surgery. Surgery or drugs (cycleroteraphy) are applied to the varicose. Later in order to fix the aesthetic appearance laser is applied. The laser rays are absorbed by the blood in the vascular lesions and turn into heat. Therefore the he vessels shrink and disappear.

The treatment of the inborn or other hemanjiom, i.e. vascular mass, is more successful if it is in the early stages or if the lesion is small. Cryoteraphy (freezing), cycleroteraphy, laser and sometimes surgical excision are applied.