Reason of Application

The absence of breast after the removal might cause psychological disorders or even depression as a result of personal, family or sexual relations. However, it is possible to reconstruct breasts by their own tissues or by prostheses for women after examinations of cancer and other findings. The reconstruction of breasts, which are essential in sexuality, would increase the quality of life and psychology of the person.

Operation Method :

Reconstruction can be accepted right after the mastectomy after consulting the plastic surgeon and the oncologist. Otherwise postponed reconstruction is the best choice. For determination, the medical history of the patient, the type of breast cancer, radio-therapy after surgery should be evaluated.

The approaches can be to implant prosthesis, use of free or muscle-skin flap with pedicule or flab prosthesis combination. The other breast should be symmetric with this one. Mammoplasty might be needed for oversize and sagged breasts. The surgery is done under general anesthesia.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration :

The patient is discharged from the hospital in 3-5 days after the operation if something unexpected does not occur. The stitches are removed after 7-12 days. Complete recovery takes 6 weeks after mastectomy reconstruction and flap surgery.

Periodic controls are done to make sure that the reconstruction was successful. The doctor organizes other controls such as mammography to be able to recognize the local formations in the remaining breast tissue or the breast wall (if only one breast was removed). Suspicious radiological findings should be coordinated with physical findings.

Result :

As a result a new breast that satisfies the patient more than the previous appearance is reconstructed. However, there are going to be thin marks on the breast. The marks are going to become less conspicuous in 6 months or a year…