Nose Surgery: Aesthetic or Functional

Reason of Application :

Rhinoplasty (aesthetic nose surgery) is reshaping the nose by surgery. The nose can be enhanced, reduced, the shape of the nose tip or the hump on the bridge can be changed, the nostrils can be narrowed or the angle between the nose and the lip can be changed by this surgery. During the same operation structural or accidental deviations (obstructed nostrils) can be fixed. Actually the aim is to construct a nose that fits the face. The harmony of the nose with the forehead, upper lips, chin and cheeks is the basics of beauty.

Planning the Operation:

The doctor listens to what the patient wants before the surgery. Then pictures of the patient are taken at different angles, these pictures are transformed by a computer based program and displayed to the patient. Thus the patient can compare what she/he wants and the images built by the program. In short the patient gets the opportunity to view post-surgery images before the surgery. In necessary situations the patient is informed about profile fixing surgeries.

Operation Method:

Rhinoplasty takes about 2 hours; it might take longer in some situations. The nose skin is separated from the cartilage and the bone and shaped. Shaping is dependent on the patients choice and the technique chosen by the doctor. Generally the excess tissue is taken a away. The excess tissues are sometimes used to reshape missing parts of the nose. Many surgeons cut the nose from inside the nostrils. Sometimes, especially in complicated situations, the nose is cut on the columella that separates the nostrils. After the operation is completed, a plaster splint is applied to keep the nose in the new shape.


The surgery is done under general anesthesia.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

It is normal to have swelling during the first 24 hours. Ice would help to decrease the swellings. Bed rest with the head lead to the back for the first three days is recommended. You can walk on the night of the operation. You will be better looking in every possibility. The swelling and the bruises go away in 2 weeks. There might be light bleeding for the first 1-2 days after the surgery. 90% of the swellings disappear in the first month. The rest will fade away in 6-12 months.