Reason of Application:

Lipofilling is a method applied by injecting fat tissue taken from any part of your body to the parts such as hips, thighs, wrinkles or collapsed parts where there is in sufficiency. So, the fat fills in the vacancies and the wrinkles and thick lines disappear. The skin looks younger, smoother, and live.

Operation Method:

The fat is absorbed by a thick injector or a thin canella that are connected to a machine after the donor and receiver areas are cleaned and locally anesthetized. The fat absorbed is processed and injected to the receiver area by special systems. A thin band is sometimes out on the area.. it is normal to observe swellings and regional puffiness after the injection of fat to fill the cheeks, forehead and chin.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

The duration varies depending on the patient from a year to longer. Half of the plumpness obtained at the surgery will disappear in most patients in 6 months. The plumpness during the first few weeks is a result of swellings. It is possible to tell how much of the injected tissue is settled in the area. The new injections can be made after 3, 6 and 12 months and the look can be renewed. The first applications are done 2-3 times a year and the next applications are applied once a year.