Lip Surgery

Reason of Application:

It is applied in order to correct inborn deformations, to enhance lips that are thin or do not have a clear contour. It is an ideal method for patients who smoke and have wrinkles around the lips. It is preferred to have a thicker and forward standing upper lip compared to the lower lip.

Application – Method:

The lip surgery is done with tissue and fat auto transplantation in our clinic. Special material (Alloderm) obtained from tissue banks or filling materials that include hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Puragen) are used. All the materials used in the surgery are FDA approved. A special cream that contains local anesthesia is applied and kept for 15-20 minutes. Later the lips are enlarged with tiny needles. The post-shape after the surgery can be displayed to the patient by the help of a computerized image. The results are rapid and the injected fillings have to be repeated once a year. If a permanent look is desired, Alloderm which is a tissue bank product is used.

In addition, it is possible to diminish or completely get rid of wrinkles around the lips.