Reason of Application:

It is the case of breasts growing at males as in the females. It occurs as a result of drugs or hormonal disequilibrium. In some cases the reason can not be determined.

There are three types of Gynaecomasty :

Glandular, fatty glandular, simple fatty. Real breast tissue is the reason of abnormal growing in the glandular type, while fat tissue is the reason in the fatty type. No matter what the reason is, the mass that causes abnormal growing is taken out by surgery.Liposuction and excision are applied together in case of glandular type. If the mass is only composed of fat tissue then only liposuction is applied.

If the mass that causes abnormal growing is also causing sagging of the skin, then the excess skin is also taken away together along with the mass. Gynaecomasty is often observed at infants aged 13-15 and older adults depending on hormonal variations. The mass seen at infants disappear by itself in a year. However, the risk of breast cancer should be considered and it must be diagnosed. In addition, other factors that cause Gynaecomasty should also be investigated. These factor scan be listed as hepatitis, cirrhosis, lung cancer, lung diseases, testicular diseases, use of heroin or other drugs, use of steroids in order to build muscle or gain weight, use of medicines.

Operation Method:

The mass is taken out by a semi-circle cut around the nipple. In cases of lipomato the mass is absorbed with 1-2 mm canella.


The surgery is done under local or general anesthesia.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

Closed dressing is applied for a few days. The patient can get back to work the next day after surgery. The patient is suggested to wear a compressive bandage approximately for a month.