Frequently Asked Questions

Aesthetic surgery is the correction of shape. In other words, it is to change the shape of tissue and organs according to the patients choice and ideal anatomic measures. For example: enlarging small breasts with silicone prosthesis. Reconstructive surgery is to repair. Inborn lack of organs, inborn abnormalities, organs that lost their shapes and functions as a result of an accident, burning or operation are reformed again by surgery. For example: reforming breasts that have been removed as a result of cancer treatment.

Most of the aesthetic surgeries involve skin and tissues under the skin thus there is no pain. If there is light pain it will go away in a few days or can be controlled by pain killers. In surgeries in which the muscles are also subject to the operation, the pain and tension might last longer.

There is an acceptation as that the aesthetic surgery leaves no marks. Appropriate and special surgery materials are used for aesthetic surgeries but there will still be light marks. However, these marks are usually hidden in aesthetic surgeries, i.e. in the nose in nose surgeries, in the eyelid in eye surgeries, in the bikini area in abdominoplasty. Liposuction does not leave any marks. In some surgeries it is not possible to hide all the marks, for example as in breast reduction.

There is no such evidence. The risks of a woman without silicone and with silicone to have cancer are equal. Silicone will make it easier to determine the existing cancer because it makes the breasts stand forward.

In experiments silicone has been applied high and low pressures to which a person would not experience in normal life and no problem have been recorded.

FDA approved silicones do not have a definite use of time. Some people carry it for a life time.

Silicone implant has no effect on breast feeding.

Yes she can give birth by the condition of waiting for a year.

It is a misbelief. The moles that are already cancer should be taken off by excision i.e. surgery.

The patient must wait for at least 6 months to scar to have its final shape. During this waiting period you should consult your doctor to have the lightest scar. Scars can not be removed completely. They can either be reduced or lightened. The success of the new look depends on the age and skin type of the patient, size of the scar, the location and dimension.

It can be applied to everyone with a health body and mind. However for some surgeries there is an age limit or the best age. For example, cleft lip gives best results when the baby is 2 months old, cleft palate is 1 years old, flap ear is 5-6 years old, breast enlargement and nose job is above 17 years old and face lift is above 40 years old.

The risks involved in aesthetic surgeries are the same risks as in other surgeries stemming form the general health problems of the patient. Besides theses aesthetic surgeries do not have any special risks stemming form aesthetics. Aesthetic surgeries are not directly linked to the vital organs and tissues thus it does not risk the health and life of the patient..

Attempts under control are realized in such cases. However it is better to evaluate after necessary tests have been carried out.

Aesthetic surgeries also require some precautions as in other surgeries even though they are not that vital. These precautions can only be met by the conditions of a fully equipped hospital. To carry on a operation in the office, dispensary, polyclinic, diagnosis center and etc. is not legal and healthy.

It is possible to go back home on the same day of the surgery. In some cases it is beneficial to stay at the hospital for a night. Rarely there are situations in which 2-3 day stay in the hospital is required. The healing period ends in a week by the removal of bandage, stitches etc. the result of the operation will settle in a few months.

Yes. You can either see others that have had aesthetic surgery or your computerized images to decide whether it fits you or other alternatives. You can decide with your doctor and prevent misunderstandings and disappointments. The patient must have the right ot decide because aesthetic surgeries are done not because of a need for health but because of the desire of the patient.

Cigarettes have bad effects on tissues and healing process because of the toxic materials they have. Smoking directly affects the probability of marks.

No kind of health insurance covers these surgeries.

You should obey the recommendations of your doctor after surgery. You will be given appointments for dressing and controls after surgery. Do not miss the appointments and use the prescribed drugs.

The factors that affect cost are materials used, length of surgery, anesthesia type, risk of surgery. You should keep in mind that aesthetic is not only a branch of medical sciences but also an art. The perfection is more important than the cost. On the other hand since it has become popular and widespread most can easily pay for the aesthetic surgeries.