Forehead Lift

Reason of Application:

The first findings of aging are the increase and deepening in the wrinkles on the forehead. The eyebrows also fall down at men and women by the effect of the gravity. Sometimes even the natural hair line comes down. This causes the eyes to look smaller and deeper and a horizontal line on the forehead and a vertical line between the eyebrows are formed. These lines look deeper than normal by mimics. The solution of this problem is possible with forehead lift operation. Men and women above 40 years are candidates for this surgery.

Operation Method:

There are 2 basic methods. They are the classical method and the endoscopic face lift method that is done by minimum cut technique. The cut can not be recognized because the cut is hidden inside the hair. The forehead skin is stretched and the eyebrows are lifted. The forehead muscles that cause wrinkles are weakened and the wrinkles are less seamless. The patient might spend a night at the hospital depending on the situation or can be sent home. In the endoscopic method 3-4 cuts are made according to the drawings in the hair and the hairy skin and the forehead is elevated in a closed way and the mimic muscles that cause wrinkles are weakened, the forehead is pulled up and held with clips that melt away.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

General or local-seduction anesthesia is preferred. The patient is prescribed simple pain killers and antibiotics. Numbness on the skin is normal after surgery but it will be back to normal in a few weeks. You should elevate your head to minimize the swelling and bruises. Do not be surprised with a pale, bruised and swollen face. Keep in mind that you will be back to normal in a few weeks. Most of the stitches are removed in 5-7 days. Since the endoscopic surgeries are less traumatic healing and starting back the normal life will be faster.