Facial implants

Reason of Application:

It is possible to change the balance and the shape of the face by applying carefully chosen implants. The parts of the face that you do not like can be changed if they can be realized and they are realistic. Usually the young patients want to change their noses and chins. Mature patients want to look younger by having more forward standing cheeks after the facelift surgery.

Chin, cheeks, lower chin curve are reconstructed with natural and artificial material.

The post-surgery look can be displayed and planned by the help of computer programs.

Operation Method:

The chosen implants are located to the place they should be by cuts in the mouth. Thus, there are no surgery marks. The operation results are permanent.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

The surgery is done under local anesthesia under sterile conditions. The patient is discharged from the hospital immediately. Temporary oedema, bruises, numbness can be observed after the surgery. You can get back to work in a week. You will have your normal look in 2-4 weeks.