Reason of Application:

It is actually a procedure to decrease the effects of aging. Face lift is a technique that cuts off the excess skin that lost its elasticity and the patient is given a younger look. The surgery does not stop aging, but turns the clock to the opposite direction. It is mostly applied to men and women above 40.


Operation Method:

Each surgeon has their own method. The appropriate surgery method is chosen dependent on the age, type of skin, the sagged skin on the face and the neck and either the classical face lift or the hang method are chosen.

In the classical face lift method, the location of the cuts and the stages of the surgery depend on the structure of your face and the technique of the surgeon. The cut usually starts from the hair line on the forehead, goes through the natural line right in front of the ear (in the cartilage of the ear) and continues towards the occipital area from behind the ear lobe. If there is sagging on the neck, then a cut is applied under the chin. Usually fat is absorbed from the neck if the neck contour is trying to be fixed and then the muscle tissue underneath is stretched. The skin behind the face and the ears is pulled back and cross and the excess skin is cut off. The interior layers a re strengthened by stitches and the cuts are stitched. To drain the collection of blood after surgery, drainage is put under the skin behind the ears. Compressive bandage is applied to the whole face and the surgery is over.

The hang method is a permanent method that is applied to patients whose chronological ages are younger and who have sagged soft tissue but not serious deformation on the skin. The elevation at the central face, neck and eyebrows are realized by this method.



Local, seduction or general anesthesia is applied.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

It is appropriate to stay at the hospital for a night after the classical operation. It helps to prevent complications that might occur after the surgery. Numbness of the skin is normal and it will go away in a few weeks. You are recommended to hold your head elevated to decrease the swelling. The drains are taken off in a few days. The bandage is also taken away in 1-2 days. Do not be surprised to see a tired, pale and swollen face. Keep in mind that you will have your normal appearance back in a few weeks. Most of the stitches must be taken off after 5 days. The hairy skin will heal in a longer period of time and the stitches might stay longer at this area.

The patient is discharged from the hospital on the day of surgery in case of hanging method. The patient goes back to normal life in a few days. The swelling is at the minimum level. There is no need for stitch removal.