Eye Lid Lift

Reason of Application:

Eye lid surgery (Blefaroplasty) is the surgery applied to the eyelid. In this operation, the excess fat, sagged eye lids and muscles are cut off both from the upper and lower eye lids. The tissue amount that is going to be cut off should be well planned. The reasons can be listed as gravity, genetic potential, alcohol, cigarettes etc.

Operation Method:

Eyelid surgery is an operation to get rid off excess fat stored in the upper and lower eyelids. In cases where there is no need for skin removal, the excess fat in the fat layers are taken off by entering the tissue through the interior of the eyelid with laser. Sagged eyelids or swollen eye lid bags which make you look older than you are can be fixed by eyelid surgery. In summary, a person who has exhausted looks is a candidate for this surgery.

Blefaroplasty can be done along with other face aesthetics operations such as facelift, eyebrow lift.

Eyelid surgery is carried out under local, oral or intravenous sedative anesthesia. You will be awake during the operation but will not feel the pain (on the other hand you might feel some pulling and discomfort). Some surgeons prefer general anesthesia which means that you will be sleeping during surgery. In this situation it is harder to decide on the amount of tissue to exclude.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

After the surgery that lasts for an hour, the eyes are moisturized with pomade. You can leave the hospital without having your eyes closed. Cold compress is applied. The stitches are removed in 3-5 days depending on the method applied. You need to stay away from heavy activities for a week. It is especially important to stay away from activities like bending forward, lifting and heavy sportive activities. You should stop using cigarettes and alcohol because they cause liquid collection.