Eye Brow Lift

Reason of Application:

It is applied to patients who do not like their eyebrow shape and think that they are .

Operation Method:

There are two methods. Mostly “eyebrow hanging method” is applied, because this surgery is done under local anesthesia and the patient does not go through any difficulty. The eyebrow is lifted up by the help of cuts in the hair and reshaped as desired. The eyebrow position can be showed to the patient by the help of a mirror and the patient can also decide. The wrinkles around the eyes can also be corrected by this method.

The other classical eyebrow lift method requires long cuts around the eyebrows and the damaged area is larger during the surgery. It is not preferred because it leaves marks. A highly lifted eyebrow position is obtained after the surgery.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

It is applied in 20 minutes under local anesthesia and the patient can be discharged the hospital on the same day and can get back to work the next day. It gives good results with appropriate patients. A lightly lifted eyebrow appearance can also be obtained.