Ear Surgery

Reason of Application:

Ear surgery is applied in order to correct the size of the ear and protruding ears. If the earlap (external ear) is protruding forward than normal then it is called “protruding ear”. The main reason is the in sufficient development of the Y shaped curve on the earlap or the oversized cartilage. 80% of the development of the ear is completed until the ages of 5-6. Thus, it is appropriate to have these surgeries before the child attends school. However, it is possible to have this surgery in later years.

Operation Method:

The cartilage tissue is opened by a cut on the back of the ear. The cartilage is filed with a cartilage rasp in order to obtain the backward protruding desired curve of the earlap. Later stitches are applied for a permanent shape. The ear tent is more curved to keep it closer to the head. There are no surgery marks. The surgery takes about an hour. The patient can go back home on the same day.


The surgery is applied under general anesthesia to the children and under local anesthesia to the adults.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

Both ears are covered with a pressured bandage after the surgery and left in that position for a few days. It is recommended to wear a tennis forehand band for a month after the surgery.


Infections after the surgery might cause scars very frequently. Tourniquet and antibiotics are used in this case. Some patients might have a hematoma as a result of accumulation of blood in the tissue. In this case the accumulation is injected out. Other risks include the risks you face under any other general anesthesia.