Dermabrasion and Dermaplanning

Reason of Application:

It is applied for the removal of abnormality on the body, acne, stains on the face, and wrinkles around the mouth, razor blade marks and burn scars.

Operation Method:

It is an operation of rendering the skin by special equipments connected to a motor with rotating heads. The scars, operation marks, acne marks are mechanically corrected and the skin is smoothened.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

Surgery is done under sterile hospital conditions. It is applied under local anesthesia. Application of Dermabraison for once is usually enough but for deeper scars and marks 2-3 times of application might be needed. In such cases the duration between 2 Dermabraison is 6 months.

The wound after the surgery heals by itself in 7-14 days depending on the deepness. After this application, the patient must use high factor sun protection before going outdoors just like as after face peeling method.