Cleft Lip and Plate Surgery

Reason of Application:

The reason is not precise usually. However, drugs taken during pregnancy, x-rays, stress, traumas, or virus based diseases, surplus or deficiency of vitamins have been accused. In addition, genetics also have a probability. Cleft lip and palates are seen once in 700-1000 births.

Operation Method:

When the baby is 6-10 weeks, the cleft lip is operated. The baby needs to reach to a certain weight before surgery (4.5 kg). Cleft palate surgery is done in 6-18 months depending on the degree of cleft palate. Early operations might leave scar and might affect the development of the upper jaw and face. If it is too late to operate then the child will learn to speak with a cleft palate and then it will be very difficult to fix the pronunciation.

The certain age of operation depends on the health, size of the child and the choice of the surgeon. In order to be bale to get better results with cleft palates, a second surgery might be needed. For the children that have a cleft on the teeth line, it is beneficial to put a piece of bone (graft) to the cleft line. This is called alveolar bone graft. It helps the permanent teeth to develop better. This surgery is done depending on the speed of the development of the permanent teeth on age 6-10. to be able to get rid of scars, further operations in the future should be done to kids with cleft lips.

Especially with kids with clefts on both lips and short distance between the nasal which is called the columella, the surgery must be done pre-school. In cases of cleft lip, the abnormalities of cartilage and soft tissue on the hip of the nose can be operated at the age of 18. it is preferred to do it with open rhinoplasty where the cartilage can be shaped.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

The length of duration depends on the surgery type. You can get detailed information from your physician.