Burn Injury and Scar Rehabilitation

Reason of Application:

The main principle at the removal of burn injury and Scars is to wait for the wound to ripen. This period is at least 6 months. The roughness and itchy marks are the most annoying ones. Theses characteristics show that the wound has not ripened yet. Some wounds heal with irregular contours. Especially during sectional cuts, not being able to stitch the skin at the same level causes differences at levels and irregular surfaces.

Operation Method:

The fundamental method for treatment is to take away the wound by cutting it off at little distance far from the contour and to stitch it with thin stitches. Another factor that affects healing negatively is the tension if the more tense the stitch contour is, the worse gets the scar. Especially restitching the marks on the tense areas does not result positively, because the tense area will get tenser after the marks have been removed.

One of the ways to decrease the tension is the “tissue expander” method. In this method, a balloon that has a silicone structure is put under the skin close to this area. After 15 days, the balloon is injected with serum and pumped up. While the balloon is being pumped it expands and enlarges the skin on top of it. When enough h expansion is obtained the balloon is taken out with a second surgery. The expanded skin helps to cover and stitch the area from where the scar has been taken off.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

The diagnosis and treatment period varies depending on the Burn Injury and Scar. You can get detailed information from your doctor.