Breast Lift

Reason of Application :

It is applied to reshape the breasts that have a loose structure as a result of pregnancy, weight loss, age, hormones, gravity etc.

Operation Method:

The main approach in this method is to catch the maximum shape formation by leaving two surgery marks. Thus, the pre-surgery drawings must be well done by taking good breast measures. This stage is as important as the surgery. The nipple and the sagged breast are lifted up in this surgery. The appropriate method is determined according to the breast tissue and the location of the nipple.


General anesthesia is preferred.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration :

Operation duration is 3-4 hours on average and the excess breast tissue and skin is taken away and the breast is reshaped. The patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day with the operation. It is possible to go back to normal life in 7 days after the operation. Aesthetic materials that dissolve without having to be taken off are used for stitches. The scars disappear by time (6-8 months) and will become almost seamless.