Breast Augmentation

Reason of Application :

Breast augmentation is an operation of putting prosthesis (silicone implant) under the breast tissue or the breast muscle in order to reform the breast of women who think that their breasts are small due to personal or structural reasons, to increase the volume of breast that lost its volume after pregnancy, to equal the two breasts that are not at the same size or to increase the breast volume after breast surgery. When the size of the breast is being enlarged, the breast lift is also realized in the meantime. Breast augmentation increases self-confidence and your outlook changes.

Operation Method:

The breast prostheses that are being used in plastic surgery are mainly two kinds: filled with serum or silicone gel. Silicone implant has various types. They can be round shaped, anatomic shaped or personalized. The surface either textured or smooth is another classification. The type and size of the silicone are chosen according to the person. The quality of silicone varies depending on the brand and type. FDA approved silicone implants are used in USA and the labels of the silicones are given to the patient.

Location of the prosthesis is determined according to your doctors and your choice. The cut either starts from the nipple, below the breast or armpit. The cuts can be hidden in such away. If your breasts are sagged, then breast lift can also be applied at the same time. Thus the surgical cut leaves an inconspicuous scar.

The pregnancy and breast feeding are not affected. The routine breast controls after the prosthesis can be easily done. The prosthesis is not an obstacle, it does not hide cancer that is already developing or will develop nor does it not cause cancer.


The surgery is done under general anesthesia. Local or sedative anesthesia can be applied in some cases


Operation and Treatment Duration:

Operation duration is 1-2 hours on average. The patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day with the operation. You can easily do your daily office jobs. After 2-3 days the bandages are removed and you should start using a special bra recommended by the doctor. Aesthetic materials that dissolve without having to be taken off are used for stitches. The scars go away completely in 6-8 weeks. Breast augmentation results are positive for many women. The complications that might occur during daily examinations or routine mammogram screenings are prevented. What is important is how you feel. If you are happy with your new appearance, that means the surgery had been successful.