Applications with Laser

Reason of Application:

The rapidly developing technology widened the use of laser and offers the opportunity of faster and more secure treatments. Now it is possible to remove wrinkles, freckles, sun stains, moles and unwanted tattoos with laser technology.

Operation Method:

Laser peeling is applied with carbon dioxide. The wrinkled and damaged skin is peeled layer by layer. This application is especially used to get rid of the thin wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth. It is also used for antiaging purposes on the entire face. Sometimes it is also used along with face lift and eye lid surgeries.

It is possible to get rid of capillary vein splits on the face and capillary varicose on the legs in a few sessions by KPT 532 nm and 1664 nm YAG laser equipments. Local anesthesia is applied by a special cream so that the patient does not feel pain during application.

Generally a few sessions are enough for wrinkle treatment but acnes and traumatic marks require 3-5 sessions