Abdominoplasty: Miniabdominoplasty, Fullabdominoplasty

Reason of Application:

Abdominoplasty is used to treat excess fat in the abdominal area, sagged abdominal skin and chapped abdomen. There can be excess in the fat tissue, skin tissue or both.


Excessive weight gain and loss, weight loss in a short period of time, weight gain during pregnancy, genetics are the main reasons of excessive fat in this area.

Operation Method:

The sagging skin is separated from the abdomen wall by the help of the cut which is called the bikini cut because it can be hidden under the bikini and which passes through the groin and sub-abdominal area. The excess fat is cut off. The abdomen wall muscles are tightened and back to their original tightness. The abdomen wall is pulled down and cut off. The location of the belly button might change as a result of pulling the abdomen wall down, thus the belly button is transferred to the upper area by opening a new belly button. In situations where the excessive fat is on the lower area of the abdomen and the excessive fat only causes loss if elasticity at the skin, “mini abdominoplasty” is applied with short cut in particular limits.


The abdominoplasty is usually done under spinal anesthesia. Breast, nose surgery etc. can be done during the same session and the anesthesia technique is determined accordingly. Miniabdominoplasty can be applied under local anesthesia.

Operation and Rehabilitation Duration:

Operation duration is 1.5-2 hours on average. The patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day with the operation. If there had been other surgeries applied in the same session then the patient spends the night at the hospital. Dressings are made by the doctor for a few times. There is no need to remove stitches. Aesthetic materials that dissolve without having to be taken off are used for stitches. Bed rest is recommended for the following 3-4 days. The patients are forbidden from heavy jobs and sports. A special abdomen corset should be used during the following 4-6 weeks. The patient can be more comfortable with this corset that supports the back. The surgery marks will disappear in 3-6 months.